Live 1 & 2 day CourseS: Movement Assessment and Corrections

Large amounts of education about improving clients’ mobility has been emphasized in recent years. Identifying clients’ areas of instability and ways to correct those areas with corrective exercise strategies has not. This course is designed for CrossFit & Strength & Conditioning coaches, Group Fitness Instructors, and personal trainers to identify common human movement dysfunctions. Healthcare providers (DC, PT, ATC, LMT, etc.) looking to integrate movement assessment and corrective exercise with their clinical examination and treatment will also benefit from these courses.  After the dysfunctional movements are identified, the coach/trainer/provider will then learn strategies to correct those dysfunctions. Level 1 is focused on assessing human movement and identifying the common faults found in a Fitness Environment. Level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2. Level 2 is focused on the corrective strategies to improve movement with a goal of injury prevention and improved performance. Click on the available dates for a detailed outline and course information.